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Missing Persons Flyer

Flyer pending…

December 2017: Andrey has not been seen in his usual spots or found active online for over five months. If you see him and there is any concern about his health or well-being or he wants to talk to me please call Jason at 312-885-9865. If you believe he is a harm to self please call 911 and ask for a PERT officer or if outside of California ask for a CIT officer, or anyone trained in mental health situations. There is concern he may have crossed the Mexican border as he was already deported back to the US recently before.

Andrey walked 2k+ miles from Chicago to California. He caught a ride in Nevada to California and while he struggles with a serious mental illness he seems to be fairing and surviving through it and last we heard he was being creative.

Hat’s off to you Andrey. Just remember to maintain some kind of contact with Jason or anyone ¬†else, just to spare any of us worry. People love you Andrey.